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Well, I did it; after two years and three scrapped site designs – and of course I’m not even that stoked on this one – the itch to blog has been growing, so here I’ve settled to make a go at it.

This site is built with eleventy, with a custom esbuild setup for the small bits of sass and javascript. It’s hosted on Cloudflare Pages, which is a bit of a departure from my usual choice of vercel or netlify, but I’ve been really happy with Cloudflare workers, so I’m giving this a go as well!

What can you expect from this blog?

Well, probably just a decent bit of web-related punditry and maybe a bit of leadership stuff… Really whatever strikes my fancy I guess. My goal is to publish a healthy mix of useful tech-specific things along with my own views on the way the web development industry is moving, with some sprinkling in of random things I like. If that’s your jam, welcome, feel free to like (over there ↘) and subscribe!

More specifically these topics have a high chance of showing up: