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Build Momentum for the Next Thing

It’s very easy to get stuck in a mindset of worrying about whether what you are doing will be successful or a failure. It makes a lot of sense, because often how we get to perceive the progress of others is through their milestones (the things deemed successful or failures), and not their full nuanced progression.

My take though, is that success and failure are only by-products of a greater trait that is often overlooked; momentum!

It’s always in the last place you look

It’s a groaner for sure, but I’ve always thought it interesting how a silly quip can be so truth-rooted. I think the same goes for momentum:

Doing something always leads to the next thing

Meaning, just get started, do something, start the wheels turning. It’s advice you hear again and again, it’s advice I still often need to hear, but I will say that it’s also a core principle that, when I am able to keep mindful of, has been an invaluable notion in all aspects of my life.

Big, hard goals and tasks take momentum, and so that’s the punch-line here, focus on the momentum, focus on the getting-going. Step, then step again, and eventually, as winding of a path it may end up being you will get there. But in contrast, stagnation over time can stick you in the mud, and the advice there is, acknowledge the mud, understand that it will be a slog to getting-going, and try not to let it discourage you and stagnate you more.