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AI Now is like The Jetsons

That is to say, if I were to place down a bet on all the grand futures we’re currently imagining and reading about with the AI revolution now infantly upon us, probably a lot of what is predicted to come, in broad strokes, will eventually be so, but most of how and when it will materialize is not.

Dreams of flying cars, robot maids and video telecommuting, just a few of many ideas that are finally becoming sort of true. But 60 years later? Hope your internet connection is stable during all those zoom calls. Oh no, what did your roomba just smear across the floor? And have you seen our flying cars?!? I think it’s still going to take a bit.

Not that it will be another 60 years for things to really get moving, we are moving a lot faster. But we’ve still got a lot of iterating, legislating, appealing, regressing, forging, considering, and all those other messy things that wind the path for individuals and teams and departments and companies and societies.

The point? I think it’s two things that I think of often amidst the daily sensations: